Handheld Portable—What's New in Credit Card Processing Machines

Credit card processing machines are the things that make the business world go around.  At least go around today.  If a business wants to be successful there are many things that need to be done, but one thing that is a given, is having credit card processing machines so as to allow customers to make purchases with their credit and debit cards.  In the days gone by, there was the old imprint style credit card machine.  Today, things move at the speed of light on the internet and through the airways.  You do not need to have the latest and greatest processing machines to do business, but you need to have something a bit more advanced than the old style of yesteryear.

With so many businesses beginning to operate outside the boundaries of their storefronts, the necessity to process credit cards needed to offer another avenue for credit card processing machines.  Enter portable credit card processing machines.  These handheld devices allow you to process a credit card transaction and print a receipt out in the middle of a field at a swap meet, flea market, or a trade show without any more hassle than you would have in your storefront.

The security features of such credit card processing machines are as good as anything you can find for a brick and mortar establishment.  These new portable machines even have long life batteries lasting up to 12 hours.  The ability to change batteries while attaching to an alternative power source, like a laptop, makes these versatile credit card processing machines even more desirable.  If you are one of the people who like reports, some of these credit card machines allow you to connect them to your computer or laptop and download all of the information you want or need to process the reports you desire.

Not all processing machines need to be bulky, heavy, labor-intensive machines.  In fact, most of the portable credit card processing machines are small enough to hold in one hand.  This allows for even more versatility and mobility than retailers have ever had.  They have large keypads for those who use debit cards and need to enter a PIN.  Simply, swipe the card, or tap and pay for those with RFID capabilities, and then hand the unit to the customer to enter their PIN.  It makes credit card transactions in the field as easy as can be.

Numerous types of portable handheld credit card processing machines are available in multiple configurations.  Some allow for RFID tap and pay, so print receipts, some will process credit and debit cards, and some will allow for smart card applications.  The ability to process transactions while out and about wirelessly is an innovation that has been long overdue.  Now, the talk and dreams of those retailers wishing for credit card processing machines that work as easily as a cellular phone has been realized.  Chances are the technology will only get better and offer more innovative applications as time goes on.

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